Coping with Grief During the Holidays

Holidays are a major grief “trigger” for many, as they magnify the absence of our loved one, change family dynamics, and uproot long-held traditions. This discussion explores ways to honor our loved one throughout the holidays, practice self-care, and experience a little more “peace on earth” during the holiday season.
In this session you will get:
  • Empowering tips that can guide holiday planning in the face of loss
  • Ideas to incorporate the memory of your loved one at the holidays
  • An interactive discussion panel of seasoned members to offer examples of how they’ve handled holidays
If you find yourself dreading the holidays after the death of a loved one, you’re not alone!
Hosted by Christi Neville, LPC, who serves on staff at The Christi Center and is a seasoned grief therapist.

Tips for getting through the holidays.

Holiday Tips_ Compassion
Holiday Tips_ Keep
Holiday Tips_ Laughter
Holiday Tips_ Plan
Holiday Tips_ Prepare
Holiday Tips_ Savor
Holiday Tips_ Say no
Holiday Tips_ Schedule
Holiday Tips_ Simplify
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