The services our volunteers provide are invaluable. A core of about 100 volunteers contributes more than 10,000 hours annually. It is a gift that is impossible to quantify. Volunteers provide services that aid every aspect of our organization’s work — from administrative support functions to assisting with grief sessions and events, to maintenance, to learning how to become support group facilitators and actually working with our members. It is an amazing effort and we are deeply grateful for it.

If you are interested in volunteering at The Christi Center, please fill out the volunteer application.  Thank you for your interest!

Ways To Help

  • Direct Services

    Peer Group Facilitation (Please Note: This volunteer position is typically open once a year. Requires a background check. Spanish Speakers are needed. 8 hour training will be provided upon commitment and continuing education will be required annually. One year commitment preferred. Opportunities online and in-person)
  • Indirect Services

    Special events (Planning, organizing, and coordinating events. The time and commitment/location will depend on the event)

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