Education for Helping Professionals

The Christi Center offers community education and training opportunities for professionals working to support those who are grieving. The Christi Center also offers education and support for those looking to learn more about their own grief and for supporting others who are grieving. Offerings range from short presentations to full-day continuing education.

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Grief 101 - Working with Grieving Children & Teens

Understanding the general theories of grief and loss, the “tasks of mourning” and how that grief theory applies to youth and teens. This workshop covers behaviors to expect from grieving kids in the different development ages of childhood, and interventions that can be used work with grieving youth. This workshop is geared towards professionals working with children and adolescents.

Grief 101 - Working with Grieving Adults: Moving away from the “Stages” of Grief

The “stages of grief” model is no longer the gold standard of understanding how adults process loss. This workshop will help you understand the current theories of grief work and learn helpful ways to support adults experiencing grief. This workshop is geared towards professionals working in human services and mental health.

Grief in Adolescents - Cracking the code

This training builds off an understanding of developmental impacts on grief, with a focus on hands-on interventions that you can use to assist teens in working through loss.

Grief in Youth Adults – The role of identity in grief

Grief in Emerging Adults is complicated because it coincides with the development stage in which young adults are establishing their own identity. This workshop teaches interventions that will help them address the role of identity in their grief process.

LGBTQ+ Grief - When normal grief gets complicated

This training addresses the additional mental health and societal issues that complicate the grieving process for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Sudden and Traumatic Loss – Supporting those faced with suicide, overdose or crime losses

In this training, you will learn the need to address the trauma surrounding the loss before addressing the impact of the loss itself. Learn the importance of being able to support people working through traumatic loss and have a self-awareness of your own reactions to trauma.

Coping with the Loss of a Client: Remember, you too are allowed to grieve

Supporting yourself and co-workers when loss is a regular part of your work experience. Learn ways to address grief within the workplace.

Loss in the Workplace - How to support grieving co-workers

This workshop covers supporting and showing care for those in grief when it happens in our workplace. Part of effective workplace culture is recognizing the need to make a safe place for colleagues to adjust to life post-loss.

Supporting families after a loss

Managing your own grief while recognizing and supporting your child’s different grief process. This workshop covers tools for having conversations with children about the loss you’ve shared.

Mindfulness While Grieving

This workshop will help you understand the importance of staying present now in grief while maintaining a connection to the person who died and envisioning a positive future.

Trauma Stewardship: Caring for yourself so you can care for others

Working with trauma and loss can take a toll on our own mental wellbeing. Learn how important it is to acknowledge the ways acquired grief impacts us as professionals, and tools to help release the trauma we face day-to-day.

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