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We’ve developed a new tool to support families who have experienced the death of a close family member or friend. This kit includes 8 family activities that can be completed together (or independently) on a weekly basis. The kit is intended to guide a family's journey together through the grieving process by providing healthy, productive activities that can be used individually or as a family. The activities include:

  1. Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt
  2. Search and Share
  3. The Heart's Journey
  4. Grief Alphabet
  5. Four Square Feelings
  6. The Wheel of Coping
  7. Memory Tree
  8. Luminaries

Many emotions come up when we lose someone we love. It may be hard to talk to our family, but these activities were made to help talk about your person and what your grief may look like. We hope you find the activities in this book helpful in your grief journey.

This Grief at Home Kit is intended as a support to families impacted after a loss. This kit is not intended to replace any individual or familial counseling support. Should you and your family need support through the use of this book, please reach out to the Christi Center Staff for resources.

Grief at Home Kits are supported in part by Georgetown Health Foundation.

Activites and Downloads

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