Adult Grief Support

The Christi Center offers groups to create community for those with shared experiences.

By connecting with others with shared experiences, you will be invited into a peer support group with those who have also experienced the death of a loved one. We offer support groups where you connect with others and find a safe space to explore the emotions that are part of the grief process.  Led by a facilitator, you can also explore activities to help maintain a healthy relationship with your memories and loved one, and in community education so that we are all better equipped to help the grieving people in our lives. 

You will receive the support of peers who can truly relate, from hearing how others have coped, and the realization that you are not alone in your experience of loss. Together, you can benefit from helpful guidance on how to manage and express your complex emotions in a healthy manner. 

Understanding that grief does not have a cure, but requires ongoing maintenance, our services are available for however long they are needed, and are always free of charge. 

Loss of a Child

Loss of a Partner/Spouse

Loss of a Parent or Sibling

Loss to Crime

Loss to Overdose

Loss to Suicide

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Loss to or During COVID

Frequently Asked Questions

Peer support is the help and support that people with lived experience are able to give to one another. At The Christi Center, it means you will attend groups with others who have experienced similarities in their losses.  Our adult groups are facilitated by trained volunteers, many of whom have also experienced a loss.

Peer support can be very effective in the healing process because group members not only empathize with and validate individual experiences, but also share their lived experience, knowledge and information, encouragement, and support.

Above all, we want to assure you we are here for you. We continue to learn and develop ways for our community to stay connected, so that no one has to grieve alone.

Online Support for Adults

Almost all of the support groups we offered in-person have now moved online. We are hosting 24 loss-specific peer-support groups for adults each month, including:

  • Monday Night Austin (breaks in small discussion groups for Loss of a Child/Grandchild, Loss of a Spouse/Partner, and Loss of a Parent, Sibling, or other Significant Loved One. Meets every Monday
  • Monday Night Georgetown group (breaks into smaller discussion groups based on attendance.) Meets every Monday
  • Tuesday Night Loss to Suicide group Meets every Tuesday.
  • Wednesday Mixed Loss Group (all losses welcome) Meets every Wednesday
  • Loss to Overdose (1st Tuesdays and 3rd Tuesdays)
  • Crime Victims Loss group (2nd Tuesdays and 4th Tuesdays)
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss group (1st Tuesdays and 3rd Tuesdays)
  • COVID group (2nd Wednesdays and 4th Wednesdays)
  • Grupo en Español, Perdida General (2do Viernes y 4to Viernes) / General Loss group in Spanish (2nd Friday and 4th Friday)

New to Groups at The Christi Center?

CCApril2012 (16 of 145)

"Very caring staff. The first day was the hardest for me, my emotions were at the highest possibly due to the unknown. I was not sure I would even be able to share. I was made to feel at home by everyone around me. After sharing my deepest feelings I actually felt a great relief. It was as though this was what I needed to start my healing journey."

– Anonymous Client

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