Grief Support

The Christi Center believes no one should grieve alone.

The Christi Center is a free resource for any grieving person in Central Texas. We provide the space for you to build your support network, by connecting you with others who have had a similar loss. We welcome all faiths, all backgrounds and all ages starting at age five.

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Peer Support Model

Peer support means connecting people with other people that have had similar experiences.  At The Christi Center, it means you will attend groups with others who have experienced similarities in their losses.  Our groups are facilitated by trained volunteers, many of whom have also experienced a similar loss to others in the group.

Peer support can be very effective in the healing process because group members not only empathize with and validate your feelings but also share their lived experience, knowledge and information, encouragement, and support.


Very caring staff. The first day was the hardest for me, my emotions were at the highest possibly due to the unknown. I was not sure I would even be able to share. I was made to feel at home by everyone around me. After sharing my deepest feelings I actually felt a great relief. It was as though this was what I needed to start my healing journey.

– Anonymous Client

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