Join our community of monthly givers committed to providing support to those who have lost a loved one.

This year your gift will:

As a Partner in Hope, you play a critical role in making The Christi Center a safe nurturing space where all are welcome.

Everything is overwhelming when your brain and heart are grieving. We provide all of our services to grieving people free-of-charge to anyone who needs them. That way, people can focus on their grief work free from worries about insurance coverage, co-pays, or waiting lists.

Save Time and Make Your Gift Go Further

You simply decide on an affordable amount that meets your budget and your desire to help individuals in need of HOPE. Your gift can be automatically billed to your credit card or debited to your checking account.

You’ll never have to find another stamp, write another check, or mail another donation to The Christi Center again! Of course, you can always change your monthly amount, suspend or discontinue your support, or modify your preferred method of payment at any time.

In addition, since our costs for managing this program is much lower, so much more can be dedicated to our programs and services which are designed to provide grief support free of charge.


“My culture says, ‘Men don’t cry’—so in that sense, I’ve felt relaxed, I’ve felt good here, because here I’ve been able to cry for the loss of my son.”

– Horacio

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