In memory of In Loving Memory of Kathleen L. Hernandez


Kathleen was a vibrant and strong woman all throughout her life, even toward its conclusion. She had so much more to offer the world. She is missed terribly by her Soul-mate Richard, who in a life together of almost 40 years shared an unmatched love. I miss her more than anyone can imagine.

Kathleen was a free spirit at heart—a self-professed “beach girl.” Born near the deep blue coasts of Southern California, she embodied the beauty of paradise. She loved The Beatles, crafting artwork, gardening, days at the beach, and See’s scotch kisses. She was always an incredibly bright and empathetic woman and achieved a higher education in social work and counseling from the University of California at Santa Barbara. It was clear from a young age her profound ability to connect with others and her drive to help them was already shaping her life.

Kathleen was the most loving and nurturing mother that anyone could ask for, as well as a loving and generous partner. Kathleen always put others before herself and made so many sacrifices throughout her life to improve the lives of others, especially her family’s. Never has the world seen another person more kind, selfless, and loving than Kathleen. She was truly amazing.

Kathleen’s strength didn’t end with her compassion. She fought cancer toward the end of her life for five years, defying all expectations, surviving to live and love for every extra minute she could fight for. We are all grateful that we could have as much time as we had with her. We are deeply saddened that we could not have more. Kathleen had so much more life and love left in her, up until the very end. The world suffered the day we lost her. We will always remember the last thing Kathleen told us all—she will always be in our hearts. I lost Kathleen on August 29th, 2019. I will always keep you in my heart and I will always love you.

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