Our Founders

Over the past 25 years, tens of thousands of people have experienced first-hand the warm and caring compassion that defines The Christi Center through Founders, Susan and Don Cox.

Their selfless commitment to helping others grieve, born from their own tragic loss of their beautiful 20 year old daughter/step-daughter Christi Lanahan, deeply touches everyone who meets Susan and Don.

Since founding For the Love of Christi more than 30 years ago on the 2nd anniversary of Christi’s death, Susan and Don have guided the establishment of a one-of-a-kind grief center where love is at the heart of all we do, and unconditional acceptance of all who ask for help is paramount.

In the early years of the organization, Susan and Don organized grief support groups at various locations around Austin, eventually acquiring the property on which the The Christi Center currently stands. With the help of friends and supporters, they added an Annex designed to accommodate more people and larger support group sessions, and later, a Family Building to provide dedicated space for children/teens and additional staff offices.   Under Susan and Don’s leadership, these buildings were completed with full community support and The Christi Center owns these buildings debt-free.

Over the years, with the support of staff and volunteers, Susan and Don have served more than 100,000 people who come seeking help in a time of loss. Susan served as unpaid Executive Director of The Christi Center for 18 1/2 years and remains active today, contributing more than 100 hours a month as a volunteer. Both Susan and Don serve on the Board and give of their time and resources.

In hearing the story of Don and Susan’s more than 30 year journey of compassion and accomplishments, many others are inspired to give back to the Center in appreciation for all they have done.

We invite you, too, to join us in supporting this mission.

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