Our Mission

Mission and Core Values

Our Mission: We offer hope after the death of a loved one by providing support networks, community education and therapeutic activities that are free, peer-based, and ongoing.

Our Core Values:

  • To provide grief support at no chargeto grieving families for as long as they need it
  • To educate and increase community awarenesson issues facing the bereaved
  • To build community partnershipsto better support grieving people
  • To preserve a diverse and sustainable base of volunteer and financial supportto ensure that the Center’s services will always be available for those in need

Who We Serve: Any child, teen, or adult who is grieving the death of a loved one.  We partner with schools, criminal justice agencies, civic and service organizations, businesses, churches and other community groups. We cross-refer with over 150 community agencies to ensure that we can meet the broad range of needs grieving families may have.  Our services are open and available to Austin and all of Central Texas, with group locations across the Austin area and in Williamson County.

Inclusive Space: We are committed to being a safe space to anyone needing grief support who is able to participate in the group process. Some of our clients come from a faith background and faith plays a major part of their grief process, while others may be questioning their faith, have different faith traditions, or not be religious or spiritual at all. Our group facilitators use various closing statements which may include the Serenity Prayer or the Lord’s Prayer. All facilitators will additionally use an inclusive statement so group members can feel safe in joining in --or not-- as is appropriate for them.

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