2nd Annual Art Show

2nd Annual Art Show: HeARTstrings

In telling our stories –of our love, and of our loss–we can make sense of our pain. There are many ways to express all those multitude of emotions, and creative arts is one.

The Christi Center utilizes some visual art exercises with our Kids Who Kare groups, in the Teen group, in our groups in Austin ISD schools, and as a 2nd Stage Monday theme. As one of our programs last year, we invited those who created art as part of their grief journey to invite friends and family to view these works at The Christi Center.

This year’s Show was especially special, because a young high school student, Finn Lowden, organized the show as a volunteer project. Finn met with Christi Center staff last summer to discuss taking on a project, and towards the end of his tour at the Center, listened to Program Director Erin Spalding describe some of the emotions and motivations of the teen art she has displayed in her office. Finn, also a teen, was drawn to the art, and when we told him about the art show in 2014, decided he wanted to make a second Art Show his project–and to help this become an annual event.

On April 12th, The Christi Center presented our 2nd Annual Art Show.

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