I Would Do Anything To Hold You Again – From”Muva” to Annie

Dearest Annie,
I wish I could watch you drive off with your doggie, Princess, for a fun day at the park. I wish I could learn new signs from you, even if they are curse words—smiles.
I wish I could have found a way to have been better, good enough to have known how to help you even more. I wish I could relive the days I brought your new baby sisters home to you.
I want to say I’m so very sorry for any pain I added to your life by pushing you too hard or wanting too much or even doing too much for you. Thank you for
the love and happiness you gave me being born just months after losing my dear daddy; you are named for him. I would do anything to hold you again. All of heaven will hear my joy when we are reunited for eternity.
I love you this <—————-> much!
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