You Were the Best Mom – From Nikki

Dear Mommy,
I miss you so much all the time and miss talking to you everyday. I wasn’t ready for you to go but I know you were in pain. I take your great grandkids to see you as much as I can. They all miss you too. Isaac, Gabby, and Nana love visiting you and will always remember you. I am taking them to see Dad more, which they’ve named him “Pops” now. He has to deal with his new nickname. The girls didn’t give him an option, Nana was bossy and said “that’s what I’m calling you” and left it at that. Hahaha I know you would’ve laughed at that.

You really were the best mom and I love you so much. I can’t even describe what you meant to us and how we you were a big part of everything. I miss our talks about celebrity gossip and episodes of Dateline hahaha. I still want to pick up the phone and ask you again, as I always did, “How do you make meatloaf?” I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a cook as you were, but I remember what you taught me. I’ve mastered your deviled eggs, of course, I make mine without onions. Holidays aren’t the same without you, but we are carrying on your traditions.
You were the one that got me and understood how much I loved comic cons and meeting celebrities. Dad doesn’t get it, but I know you did. I’ve been spending more time with Dad, David and James. I will sit with James at the table so he doesn’t eat alone.

I miss you mommy and I’m trying not to be too sad, it’s hard but counseling helps. I love you and thank you for being my mom. You were the best and we were lucky to have you as long as we did. <3

Love, Nikki

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