We need to stop, listen and keep the memories. From Mom Janice

Gerald Wayne Clack, son of Janice Lampkin and Rev. Gary L. Clack, brother of Gary T. Gregory L. Clack. Gerald left us on June 5, 2021 and that’s a day my hold life changed.

I’m telling this story of Gerald in his memories.

Gerald is the youngest of the three sons that the Lord blessed us with. Gerald was a character. He could make anyone laugh when they are happy or sad. Gerald was a people person. He could make friends with any body any where. Gerald cared a great deal about his friends and would do anything to help them or be there for them.

Gerald had a love for others like no other. He would sit out on the porch doing the day or night and he would have friends or family stop by and it would bring joy to here them talk about each other and laugh, tell stories about things they do or did.

Gerald loved his family and was the life of any family gatherings. He would make fun of his brothers, tease his nieces and nephews. He would tell stories that I never knew they had did as they were going up. They would be so funny.

Gerald live a great live no mater of his ups and down, he was happy.

Gerald love going to church and listen to his father preached the word, because he would remind me if I would say something when we have dinner together. He would said, “Mom did you hear dad sermon.” Dad, mom wasn’t listening. Then he would just laugh. Oh my God did he have a great and funny laugh.

Gerald left a legacy for all of us, we need to stop, listen and keep the memories.

Gerald you are missed so much. It’s not a day go by that I don’t share tears for you my son. I love you always and forever. We will see each other again.

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