A Letter from the Executive and Clinical Director

Dear Friends of the Christi Center,

We’re so grateful for your support through our Heart Connections event last fall, and I wanted to write and introduce myself as the new Executive and Clinical Director of Christi Center. We’re celebrating with cake and conversation on June 20 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Christi Center, and I’d love to see you there and show you around if you can join us!

Although I’m new to this role, I’m not new to Christi Center – I’ve been here since 2017 and my job has been the perfect fit because it combines my passion for therapeutic work and working with children and families. Grief work is sacred because you are walking with someone during the hardest and saddest time of their lives – and there is nothing that can be said or done to “fix” it.

This is why Christi Center has been essential to Central Texas for over 35 years. We provide hope after the death of a loved one by providing support networks, community education, and therapeutic activities that are ongoing, peer-based, and free of charge.

And I can tell you that our work is needed now more than ever.

Last year, we received over 900 calls from people seeking grief support, with significant increases in attendance at our children’s, teen, and loss to crime groups. The growth we are experiencing speaks to the care that people have come to know when they walk into the Christi Center.

Our community is grieving, and Christi Center is here to provide a safe space for healing.  This is possible because of our supporters like you.

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I am honored to lead the Christi Center now and into the future. I took this role because I am passionate about providing direct services to those experiencing a loss without having to worry about whether they can afford it. Over the past 6 years, I have seen the impact our work has on grieving people. I am committed to keeping that high quality and accessibility to all who seek it.

The need for grief support will never go away, and with your support, Christi Center will continue to offer comfort, hope, and healing.

With gratitude,

Jocelyn Chamra-Barrera, LCSW

Executive and Clinical Director 

PS: I invite you to review our 2023 annual report!

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