Helping Grieving Kids

Our Kids Who Kare program serves our youngest grievers (ages 5-12) and their parent/guardian with twice-monthly groups. For our children’s groups, we offer dinner for the children and their caregivers (who have concurrent meetings) to make the craziness of feeding kids and getting them to the group on time less of an issue. It also allows both adults and children to focus on healing.

grilled_bacon-cheddar_sandwich_with_potato_soupWe’re looking for volunteers to provide dinner for one group in 2017. This is a great small group opportunity–and a way to show and tell the work of The Christi Center with your book club, Sunday School class, your children’s class, or your besties.

The Christi Center staff made dinner for the first meeting this year, and it was fun and easy: Two people brought chicken nuggets, another made a pan of mac ‘n cheese, another brought fruit juice, and one person made a salad. You can drop off the items (we have a full kitchen so we can reheat) or stay and serve the kids and help with clean-up.

Have questions? We have some answers:

How much food do I need to prepare?

A: Enough for about 30 kids + adults should be plenty.

What should I make?

A: We have sample menus, all easy kid-friendly stuff.  Just nut-free please (allergies).

I don’t really have time to make dinner, can I just order pizzas?

A: Absolutely!

Interested? Want to learn more? Please email the Kids Who Kare Coordinator, Christi Neville, and she can help with the menu, the date, and more. (christineville AT christicenter DOT org.)

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