How does your donation help us support grieving people?

3,000 grieving Central Texans a year depend on us for grief support services, and we’re always here for them.

Heart in nature
Heart in nature. Photo courtesy of Ashley Kelly.

The Christi Center relies on individual donations to continue offering ongoing grief support at no charge to all who need it, regardless of their circumstances.  The majority of our funding comes from individual donors, with most donations between $10 and $250.

By making a gift to The Christi Center, you helped connect 650 grieving adults and 75 grieving children with others who understand.  Over 2,000 others learned how to better support grieving people through our trainings and education. The Christi Center provides a safe place to grieve and heal, but gifts such as yours make it possible for us to realize our vision of a community where no one has to grieve alone.

We thought you’d like to know HOW you made a difference:

♥  272 grieving people came to the Center for the first time in 2012

♥  67 children at 8 schools participated in grief groups – they faced transportation constraints and couldn’t have participated in groups unless we served them at school.

  • 83% of them said the groups helped them learn ways to express and cope with feelings about their loss
  • 70% said the groups helped them do better in school

♥  Over 400 people attended group sessions through our partnership with Austin Recovery Center.

  • 100% said the group helped them recognize how grief can contribute to recovery issues
  • 94% said it was helpful to the recovery process to connect with others who understand

♥  We now serve children in Williamson County!  In November, we started a Kids Who Kare group for grieving kids ages 5-12 at our Williamson County location, and this group is growing quickly!

♥  We trained 205 school counselors/social workers on grief in children and teens and provided them with our curriculum for school groups so they could use these resources at their campuses.

In 2012 we celebrated 25 years of service to Central Texas, and we were thrilled to see so many of you at special events throughout the year – from our reunion potluck dinners in the spring, to Moonlight and Memories at Hill’s Café in October, to our Annual Remembrance Service at year-end. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for our many friends who maintain lifelong heart connections to The Christi Center.  There will be lots of opportunities to stay connected this year, so please keep in touch!  Here’s how:

And finally, when you hear about someone who needs us – bring them to us.  The Christi Center is always here for you, and we are a safe place to grieve and heal.

Thank you for all you do to support our “heart work”.  We could not do it without you.

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