Journaling prompt: Thinking about our loved ones on Easter

Cascarones – confetti eggs

Easter with my girls has always been a colorful family affair. The Easter Bunny would come while I was out with the girls and hide baskets of goodies all over the house and yard.  The day I discovered cascarones made for the best Easter hunts of all.  Those delicate shells filled with confetti of all colors makes such a lively scene; my husband seemed to think they made for a lot of vacuuming, but I think it was worth it.

Now Easter is bittersweet. One of my daughter’s birthday is the end of March, making it close to the time that Annie died on April 5, 2010.  Although it’s hard to continue the Easter hunt and dinner without Annie crashing the cascarones on our heads, it is a reminder to celebrate my children that are still here.

This year, there will be three brand new grandchildren coming to Gran’s house for the Easter Bunny: 1-1/2-year-old Holden; his little sister, 4-month-old Harper; and their cousin, 6-month-old Perren.  I ache for Annie to still be part of the festivities, but I must remember that she is. For me, that is what my faith gives me as a gift to make it through this time—Easter is resurrection. I will see Annie’s joy in my grandchildren’s eyes, my daughters’ laughter, and my husband’s love.

Easter CandyWhat new traditions have you developed for the arrival of spring and all its meaning?  What beliefs give you comfort? If it doesn’t feel that way yet, how will you take a step in that direction?  I’ve learned that even one step in the right direction can change the entire journey.

About the Author:

After working for several years as a Family Support Coordinator for Any Baby Can and EveryChild, Inc., Linda received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from UT-Austin and a M.A.

in Literature from Texas State. She now works as an adjunct English Professor at Austin Community College and says “This can be a perfect job for empty-nesters; I get 28 new “babies” every semester!” 

Linda keeps her writing practice going as a blog, which she started on Annie’s birthday in 2010:  She is currently working on several writing projects about her family, her girls, and her father.

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