Kids Who Kare at Northwind Farms

Yee-haw!  We braved the whipping wind, blowing dust and spitting rain to spend a rodeo-themed Saturday with the miniature horses at Northwind Farm.  It may have had something to do with the cotton candy, but you’ve never seen so much energy and smiles so big.  Once the hot dogs were gobbled up, the kids spent time grooming their horses.  They combed, brushed and braided ‘til their hearts content.  Next, they had the opportunity to lead their horse through a special obstacle course.  I’m not sure who did more prancing, the horses or the kids.

The Kids Who Kare program has enjoyed a relationship with Northwind Farms for the last three years.  Owner and Director, Betty Will, has incorporated her love of miniature horses with her desire to help children.  About every three months, Kids Who Kare has an outing to the farm where members get to spend time with each other and with the horses. Interaction with horses can be both rewarding and healing for children, not to mention fun!  In the warmer months, the kids get to paint the horses, and in the cooler months, there is some sort of theme for decorating the horses.

Here’s a fun video of our Kids who Kare group at the Rodeo!

For more information or questions, please contact the Program Director, Erin Spalding, LMSW, or the Kids Who Kare Program Coordinator, Katy Marvel, LCSW.


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