Kids Who Kare Interactive Drumming

Interactive Drumming At our most recent Kids Who Kare group, our kids along with their parents and guardians had the opportunity to participate in an interactive drumming activity.


Kenya Masala, drumming facilitator and Director at X8 Interactive Drumming, provided drums and a variety of percussion instruments and led families in an hour-long drumming program.


This program is an engaging activity that encourages bonding within a community. Each individual expressed his or her own feelings of grief through the energy of music and rhythm while also joining in unison with others who have lost loved ones.


Drumming provides a 2013-03-26 22.49.16common language for adults and kids alike, as well as a fun avenue for expression.



It was really special for us at the Christi Center to see the kids’ enthusiasm and enjoyment of the experience, and to hear each participant’s unique rhythm.

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