Tidings of Comfort and Hope: Give in Honor of Your Loved One

While you may not feel like embracing holiday festivities when grieving, there is one aspect of the holiday season that can actually make you feel better and less alone:  giving to others.   The giving and exchanging of love can be one of the things we miss most about the holidays.  But your love for your loved one never dies, and the ritual of giving in their honor or name doesn’t have to either.  Go ahead and include loved ones in holiday traditions.  If you normally buy ornaments for each family member, there’s nothing that says you can’t buy one for your loved one and hang it on the tree, if it feels right to you.   Also, there are lots of lonely or hurting people who would gratefully receive your love this holiday season.  Consider buying a gift for your loved one and giving it away to someone who would otherwise not have a gift.  Volunteer or perform one random act of kindness in your loved one’s memory. Or make a donation in your loved one’s name to a charity whose work is meaningful to you or your loved one.  Somehow the very act of reaching out to give a helping hand to others who are hurting can be healing.

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