From Austin to Peru, “I want to be a part of something like this.”

Clara Hester interned at The Christi Center during the summer of 2011 and is now living and working in Peru!

Clara Hester, summer 2011 InternAs an intern I was responsible for a variety of tasks, which helped me to better understand how a small non-profit organization like The Christi Center works. I was also provided with a lot of information about the grieving process, something about which I had previously known very little.  All of these practical lessons were important in further guiding me down a path in social work.

However, there is another aspect about my experience at The Christi Center that was even more influential to my career choice. Through my day-to-day observations of The Christi Center staff, a very inspiring work dynamic became clear to me.

I saw several women, who were each very different, working together for a common cause. It was obvious that these women were engaged in a type of work in which they were truly invested.

Then, when I began attending the evening support groups, I saw this same dynamic reflected among the members. These individuals came from diverse backgrounds, but they all shared the pain of losing a loved one.

I was repeatedly touched by how such a variety of people so fully supported and care for each other. It was this type of unity and connectedness that made me think, “I want to be a part of something like this.”

As I embark on a journey to Peru to work with a non-profit that supports children living in poverty, I look forward to being a part of another community. It is my goal to reflect the same level of compassion and cooperation that I experienced at The Christi Center while serving in this new position.

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2 thoughts on “From Austin to Peru, “I want to be a part of something like this.””

  1. What a wonderful tribute to The Christi Center–inspiring community. I hadn’t thought of the ‘loss-work’ many of us that receive support from the center do as creating community and inspiring the growth of compassion; pretty awesome.

  2. Clara, I wish you the best in Peru. It’s a wonderful country with a rich history. I was a Peace Corp Volunteer in 1968-69 in northern Peru – it changed everything for me. Thanks for your work at The Christi Center; such an important thing in our lives.

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