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For 25 years, The Christi Center has offered free, ongoing grief support groups to children, teens and adults who are adjusting to life after the death of a loved one.  We offer 21 loss-specific support groups a month, including:  loss of a child, loss of a spouse, mixed adult loss (parent, sibling, friend, etc.), loss to suicide, loss to crime, a children’s group (ages 5-12) and a teen group (ages 12-19).  We offer adults groups in both Austin and Georgetown, and we also partner with area schools to offer groups onsite at schools.  Learn more about our groups and other services.

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  1. My son, died on 14 January 2013, after having a diving accident and breaking his neck on 1 January 2013. He died in the rehabilitation hospital where he was going to be taught how to use his wheelchair etc and to get mobilised. I cant get used to the idea that he is gone. I am angry with doctors, with caregivers, and dont know how to deal with myself emotionally.

    1. Dear Lyall,

      We are very sorry to hear of your son’s death, we understand that you are hurting deeply right now. If you live in the Austin or Central Texas area, we invite you to come to one of our support groups. Grief is painful but we are all here because of our deep LOVE for people we have lost. When you are ready, know that we’re here to provide comfort and hope, and help you through this.

  2. so very sorry for your sad loss, you dont expect to have to say goodbye to your children before you do , hope goes with you because thats all you have its early days whatever that means xxx

  3. I just lost my husband a week ago he was murdered and im having a hard time moving on I feel depressed I cant eat or sleep and I wanna be next to him what can I do.

    1. Don't Grieve Alone!

      Melissa…come to the Christi Center for support! They truly care about the bereaved!! Your feelings are normal. You are in shock and nothing feels right at this time. No matter how you feel (crawl if you have to) to the next Christi Center meeting. We meet every Monday at 7:00 pm. It is a save place to start your grief journey. You are not alone! So deeply sorry for your loss. :'(

    2. Hi Melissa,

      We are very sorry for your loss, please know that you will be in our hearts and thoughts and we are here to help when you are ready. Are you in the Austin or Central Texas area? If so please give us a call at (512) 467-2600 and we will put you in touch with our Crime Victims Advocate. She will be able to provide more information to help you. It is REALLY early in your grief process. Your feelings are very normal. There is some helpful information in our booklet, and you can download it here /wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Booklet-website-version.pdf

      If you are not in our area, we have a national grief resource listing here and you can find a support organization near you:

      There are lots of online resources and forums as well, you are not alone in this. We are sending you comfort and love!

  4. On the second of May seven months will have passed since I lost my eldest sister. The day I heard of her passing my world fell apart. Her death has utterly obliviated any hope that I ever had of leading a life with any small amount of happiness. Everyone expects me to be sad and get over it, but have no idea of the intence pain that I feel. There I sad it again ME! Self- involved, so occupied with my own selfish desires that I could not realize the troubling state she was in. I myself attempted suicide, no less than three times-there is no clear explanation as to how I survived all of them. One last attempt remains, and if for no other reason, it will be to unite with her. I have always made appologies for my useless existence, therefore I apologise to anyone that reads this and fears for me. There is no one I can talk to who would understand. I do not want to leave this existence without imparting a gift to mankind. Live your life without fear, seize all opportunities that arise, be kind,love and care for someone, have faith and never let hope die. God’s sacred love is in all of us, find it again.

  5. I’m am looking for a support group to be a part of. I have not lost a child in the sense of death, however I am loosing my son to the judicial system. He has been away for 7 months now, with no physical contact. His sentencing is very soon it will be 3-4 years and I feel such overwelming grief. I’m not sure if you have cases like this. I have been searching for awhile for a support group, rather than one-on-one therapy and have yet to find something for this type of situation.

  6. I just recently lost my fiance to a heart attack. I have good days but then I totally break down and I feel lost without him. Everyone keeps telling me that I must continue to live my life but some days I feel I just can’t move forward as he was my life.

    1. Marcie, I also lost my bf to a massive heart attack. it’s been 4 weeks and I am lost. I don’t know how I am going to continue living without him

  7. i am just 22 yrs old i have no parents
    i have money but no enojy ment in that
    i fellig every time that fellings ony
    so i am going to die

  8. If anyone can pray for our family we would sincerely appreciate it. My sister is dying of cancer and we are not coping at all. Please pray for Helen and our family. We have 10 kids and this is the first sibling to get sick. We are struggling and our mum is devastated.
    thank you

  9. My name is Edward. My 40 year old son died 3 1/2 years ago. During these years I somehow managed to bury my feelings deep inside. But for whatever reason lately I feel like crying for no reason. I liken it to placing an empty glass face down into a tub of water. As long as the glass is not tilted the air in the glass can’t escape. But if the glass is tilted the air bubbles to the surface. Somehow my feelings for my son are bubbling to the surface. I don’t know why. Is this a common grieving process? 3 1/2 years after the fact???? This does NOT feel normal!

  10. Yes Edward it is….I am so sorry for your lost. Please find somebody or perhalps a group to share all of your own uncovering of yourself. When you share you are at the same time helping somebody else. For example me…

  11. I lost my husband suddenly on Saturday 7/13/13. He was my “rock”. I miss him terribly and I feel so alone. I don’t like being alone. I am back at work because I need to be financially and because it keeps me busy, but I do have my days where I just break down into tears. We were married for 28 yrs and he was a wonderful husband to me. He suffered with asthma daily and that Saturday morning I found him lying on the living room floor not breathing. It was the worst day of my life. I just don’t know how to deal with this. I have friends & family to support me, but my life has changed forever.

  12. I am in need of couseling i lost my daughter at the age of 25 to cancer, we both were diagnosed last year, i have breast cancer and she had small intestinal cancer. I need to be able to discuss my feeling as well as my husband. If you know of any group in the Atlanta Area please email me.

  13. I live in arnold mo. I lost my mother on 8/3 and 12 days later I lost my 37 yr old son. Things are not getting easier but harder and I am getting into denial on my son. There isn’t a day go by that I dont at some point cry… and an every night thing. Sometimes I feel I just can’t or dont want to continue myself.

  14. I desperately need counseling I had two consecutive stillbirths that have left me traumatised and wondering if I will ever have male children. I am having an agonising time coming to terms with these happenings in my life. People keep telling me that God does this for a purpose.

  15. It is the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death. It does not seem possible that she has been gone for such a long time. To our surprise both my brother and I are grieving again. I am almost as depressed as I was 10 years ago.

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