Dia de los Muertos

by Christi Neville, LPC This week’s Kids Who Kare group will be in keeping with our October theme: continuing our bond with our departed loved one, expressed in small group sharing, and creating a Dia de los Muertos “altar” to honor that special person.    Witnessing this process during our last group was inspiring.  In …

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Reading, Writing, and Lessons of the Heart

by Christi Neville, LPC Sending our kids back to school has given me the opportunity to reflect on the many parallels between the classroom and grief.  Our culture places heavy emphasis on quantifiable learning…almost daily, we teach our children valuable skills in math, reading, science, and athletics…lessons that are often visible, tangible, or at least …

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Your 2015 Summer Grief Reading List

Summertime and reading often go hand-in-hand. While it might be a good time for some escapist novel, adding to your knowledge bases, or a good old cathartic cry might be just what you’re looking for this summer. To help inspire your, we collected some of the books our Christi Center team find inspiring, helpful, or resonant. Erin, Program Manager: …

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